Romance writers do what they love, and they get paid for it. They hone their craft, like any other writer. They value their work, and they speak with an honest voice, telling the stories that they want to tell. I can’t imagine anything more feminist.

Writing Romance Fiction Is A Feminist Act by Danielle Summers. (via therumpus)

I know a lot of romance writers, and they are amazing, hard-working people who are serious about their craft.  They are also serious about having fun!  Before you turn your nose up at romance writers and romance writing, get to know some of the people who work in this demanding field.  It covers nearly every other genre there is—mystery, horror, western, science fiction, historical (and just about every historical period), paranormal (and all of those subgenres), thriller, fantasy (all kinds).  Romance has come a long way from what my mother’s generation read!

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Whee! Magisterium got a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly. In celebration I thought I’d put up Cassandra Jean’s art of Call’s friends, Aaron Stewart and Tamara Rajavi.

ReviewL Set in a magic-inflected version of the present-day U.S., this first title in the Magisterium series combines the talents of Black (Doll Bones) and Clare (the Mortal Instruments series) in a thrilling coming-of-age story that embraces fantasy tropes while keeping readers guessing. Twelve-year-old Callum Hunt has been raised to distrust magic. Mages killed his mother, and his father has warned him that the Magisterium, a school where young mages are trained, is a deathtrap. Callum’s attempts to fail the entrance exam go awry, and he is chosen to apprentice under Master Rufus, along with fellow students Aaron and Tamara. As Callum, Tamara, Aaron, and their classmates embark on their first of five years of schooling, Callum realizes how little he knows of his own heritage. The strange, subterranean Magisterium is vividly rendered, and a string of ominous revelations will leave readers eager for future installments. Fans of both authors will enjoy getting to know this well-rounded cast in the first steps of their adventure.

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People will say he was too young; he did not have time to finish. But it is not How long, it is not How much; it is, simply What. When the door shut for him, he had already written on this side of it that which every artist who also carries through life with him that one same foreknowledge and hatred of death, is hoping to do: I was here. He was doing that, and perhaps in that bright second he even knew he had succeeded. What more could he want?
William Faulkner on the death of Albert Camus (via therealladyhawkins)


"My precious"


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This wasnt even supposed to be an Adventure Time drawing but it sort of just happened

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